Saturday, September 6, 2008

It was supposed to be an easy week...

I was supposed to start teaching Preschool this week, but as we were setting up our rooms Monday, there were more and more of those disgusting little roaches appearing everywhere! We tried to contain them and kill them, but nothing was working. Our director and the pastor made the executive decision to postpone school until next week. So I thought, "Ahhh! A week off! I can relax a bit and have more time to get ready for MOPS on Friday."

Well, not so much! Riley got sick on Tuesday, a combination of a cold and a tummy bug. Yuck! He stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday. The boys also went to the doctor on Wednesday. Riley had to get a shot and screamed bloody murder when he got it (NOT becoming for a six year old!).

Anyway, time flew this week, and I am fairly sure we will start school Tuesday. Oh well!

I made Riley's birthday cake for his NASCAR birthday party. I am so happy with how it turned out! Only 2 of his friends came, but they played and had a blast!

The cake after...

I've been stamping too! I will post those projects soon.

If you are interested in the Monogram Card class, it is Saturday the 13th at 10am or Monday the 15th at 10am.

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