Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Year In Pictures (See the post below for the letter also!)

Our family fall 2012
They were headed home.

Kendall's 3rd Birthday in January 2013.
We laid down 9 pallets of sod in our backyard in March.

Riley and Tyler ran in the Chosen Kids 5K in April.

Finally seeing a Rangers game! Too bad it was so cold that day.

The weather was much better the following day when we went on our tour.

15 years of marriage! Wow!
NASCAR was so fun! Both of our drivers' pit stalls were right in front of our seats.
One of my favorite summer memories! This was on my birthday. We ate at Hey Cupcake, then went to the splash pad that is lit up at night. (see Kendall crying?)

I got to take the boys to Fiesta Texas. This was our one and only roller coaster ride. Weenies!

Super Del. What a special boy this is. We are so thankful he was a part of our family.



Princess Kendall

September 2013

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